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838,173. Anchor-nuts. OHIO NUT & BOLT CO. Feb. 6, 1958 [June 6, 1957], No. 3948/58. Class 89(1) An anchor-nut comprises a body B" with a screwed hole 20 therethrough, one side of the body having a smooth flat area 23 to engage a workpiece, and the other side of the body having a recess 22, the bottom of which is flat and parallel to area 23. A pilot 21 is formed around the hole, and the recess diameter corresponds to the correct size of welding electrode, thus acting as a gauge and also locating the electrode during welding of the nut to the work. In a modification, the nut is symmetrical about the axis of the screwed hole and has two recesses.

Spot weld nut or similar attaching or fastening device
Application Number
GB19580003948 19580206
Publication Number
838173 (A)
Application Date
February 6, 1958
Publication Date
June 22, 1960
Ohio Nut & Bolt Company
F16B 37/04
B65D 08/04
F16B 37/06
B65D 08/22
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