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792,146. Substation equipment. MASTINI, D. March 18, 1954 [March 18, 1953; Feb. 13, 1954], No. 7869/54. Drawings to Specification. Class 40 (4). A phonographic device for answering and recording incoming calls comprises means responsive to ringing current to raise the handset, a microphone and a receiver disposed adjacent to the receiver and the transmitter respectively of the handset, and a unidirectionally rotatable magnetic record carrier having two or more sound track sections associated with corresponding magnetic sound heads which are made operative in a predetermined order. The sound track sections may take the form of concentric rings on one or more discs or of coaxial cylinders, and each is brought into use for recording as its predecessor is filled up, with a similar arrangement for reproduction.; The device is started either by the inductive effect of ringing current or by the sound of the bell impinging on the microphone which drives a step-by-step switch until a predetermined number of bursts of ringing current have been received. The handset is lifted by means of a solenoid. The necessary sequence of switching operations is effected by rotating discs of insulating material with conducting sections co-operating with fixed brushes. If the called subscriber is present he may listen to the messages being recorded or may converse with the calling subscriber by means of a loud-speaking telephone set.; The device may make use of parts of a radio receiver for amplification, and it can be controlled by an authorized calling subscriber (such as the owner of the device), by means of a tuned relay and a step-by-step switch which respond to a code of voicefrequency impulses and may be used also to control other apparatus.

Automatic device for answering phone calls and recording phone communications
Application Number
GB19540007869 19540318
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792146 (A)
Application Date
March 18, 1954
Publication Date
March 19, 1958
Domenico Mastini
H04M 01/65
H04M 01/65
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