788,068. Agglomerating fuel.. MINISTER OF POWER. Jan. 30, 1956 [Jan. 28, 1955], No. 2601/55. Class 50. In a process of making lump fuel from medium and weakly caking coal particles of the coal are fed from a hopper 1 on to an endless belt conveyer 2 to pass between two electrodes 4 where they are heated by dielectric heating until the plastic properties of the coal are uniformly developed throughout the particles, the plastic particles are then agglomerated in passing over a corrugated screen 5 vibrated transversely. The plates 4 are adjustably mounted and as shown are inclined towards one another and connected to a high-frequency energy source of between 5-10 megacycles per second, giving a heating rate of 15-30 C. per minute. The coal particles may be preheated to 300 C. prior to subjecting them to dielectric heating.; The agglomerating of the coal particles may be effected in a rotating drum or on a rotating plate. The agglomerated particles may be carbonized, e.g. on a travelling band carbonizer.

Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of lump fuel from medium-caking and weakly-caking coals
Application Number
GB19550002601 19550128
Publication Number
788068 (A)
Application Date
January 28, 1955
Publication Date
December 23, 1957
Williams Frank Archer
Mini Of Power
C10L 05/00
C10B 53/00
C10L 05/04
C10B 53/08
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