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783,179. Carbonizing solid fuel. MINISTER OF FUEL & POWER. March 7, 1955 [March 18, 1954], No. 7886/54. Class 55 (1). In a process in which material is carbonized by being passed continuously in the form of a thin layer through a chamber, the material is densified by being subjected, during its passage through the chamber to pressure from a reciprocating ram. As shown, coal is fed from a hopper 2 on to a plate 7 supplied with hot air through duct 6 and apertures 7a. The travelling grate 3 carries at intervals a series of hinged plates 9 which are spring biased to a position normal to the grate surface. A reciprocating ram 10 operated from an hydraulic cylinder (not shown) acting through a ramrod 11, is correlated with the movement of the grate 3 so that the ram 10 is withdrawn, as shown, as each plate 9 travels around the roller 4a at the intake end of the chamber 1.; The working stroke of the ram 10 gives a succession of short pushes to the coal on plate 7 and when a fresh plate 9 is about to emerge from under plate 7 the ram clears the coal from plate 7 and compresses it into the space between two plates 9. The coal is carried by grate 3 over the open-topped channels 8 supplied with air through ducts 8a each of which is controlled independently by means not shown. The carbonized mass is finally ejected into a hopper 5. The ram 10 may have a projecting top plate 10a and side plates 10b. Alternatively these plates may be omitted or the plates 9 may have hinged parts which are swung over the coal on the grate. The pressure exerted by the ram is generally between 10 and 100 1b. per sq. inch and the speed of travel of the coal is 50 to 100 feet per hour which gives a heating time of 10 to 15 minutes.; In a modification a vertically reciprocating ram is used. A small quantity of an oily, pitch-like or bituminous material may be mixed with the coal prior to the feeding of the latter on to the grate 3.

Improvements relating to carbonisation processes
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GB19540007886 19540318
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783179 (A)
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March 18, 1954
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September 18, 1957
Williams Frank Archer
Mini Of Fuel And Power
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