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740,133. Knives. LOHR, E., and LOHR, K. May 17, 1954 [March 25, 1954], No. 14378/54. Class 30. A pocket knife comprises a housing, a tanged blade carried on a transverse pivot in the housing, a spiral compression spring mounted in the housing so as to be compressed by the blade in moving into the closed position, and a spring- loaded catch in the housing co-acting with the tang of the blade to retain the blade in open and closed positions. As shown, the tang 9 of the pivoted blade 1 has recesses 8 engaged, in the open and closed positions of the blade, by a nose-piece 7 on a lever 11 pivotally mounted at 5. The lever has a projecting handle 12 which is operated against the action of a spiral spring 17 to release the blade which is ejected by the spiral spring 16. The springs 16, 17 are loosely mounted in slots 14 in the opposed interior wall plates 3.

Pocket knife
Application Number
GB19540014378 19540517
Publication Number
740133 (A)
Application Date
May 17, 1954
Publication Date
November 9, 1955
Karl Lohr
Ernst Lohr
B26B 01/00
B26B 01/06
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