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733,417. Gas turbines; centrifugal fans. GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION. Dec. 19, 1951 [Dec. 23, 1950], No. 29700/51. Classes 110 (1) and 110 (3). [Also in Group XXIV] A turbine machine comprises a pair of coaxial shafts which are movable axially relatively to one another and are interconnected by a tie-bolt and have interposed therebetween a spring which is stressed by said relative movements consequential upon temperature changes in order to reduce the end thrusts on said shafts. The compressor comprises end discs 11, 12 which are supported by a roller bearing 13 and a ball thrust bearing 16 respectively and are interconnected by a bolt 17. The turbine shaft 18 is supported by a ball thrust bearing 22 and a roller bearing 24.; The turbine and compressor shafts 18, 14 are splined to a hollow shaft 28 so as to permit relative longitudinal movement therebetween and are interconnected by a tie bolt 31, for transmitting end thrust between the rotors. The tie bolt 31 is urged towards the compressor by a spring which engages a collar on the tie bolt and is adjustably disposed in a housing 33. The housing 33 is threaded into the shaft 14 and locked therein by a set screw. A pin extends through the housing 33 and slots in the tie bolt and collar to prevent relative rotation between these members. The tie bolt is located within the shaft 18 by a flanged nut 53 and is protected by tubular radiation shields 52 of polished metal. The nut 53 is locked within the shaft 18 by a pin which extends through said members and through a collar 57 for locating the bearing 24 on the shaft.; The housing 33 is slotted at the turbine end and has ports to permit a circulation of oil to the splined connection between the shafts 14, 28. Oil is pumped from a chamber 51 through the members 17, 14 and 31 and radial passages in the members 31, 53 and 18 to the bearing 24.

Improvements in turbine machines and particularly gas turbine engines
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GB19510029700 19511219
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733417 (A)
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December 19, 1951
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July 13, 1955
Gen Motors
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F01D 05/02
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