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A process of producing a smooth lustrous surface on articles, for example, electric torch cases, of aluminium or aluminium-rich alloys, consists in immersing the article at an elevated temperature in an electrolyte containing phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid, an organic substance within the group consisting of aliphatic-polyhydric alcohols and ether alcohols soluble in phosphoric acid, and water, for a short period without the application of a voltage, whereby etching is effected, and then subjecting the immersed article to direct current voltage, the article being made anode in the bath. The alcohol may be an alkylene glycol or ether thereof having a boiling point above 120 DEG C.; After the polishing process the article may be immersed in a solution of caustic soda, in a mixture of chromic anc phosphoric acids or chromic and sulphuric acids, or in solutions of the salts of these acids, to remove surface film, the article thereafter being anodized in a bath containing chromic acid to obtain an opaque film or sulphuric acid to obtain a transparent film. The film may be dyed and sealed by immersion in hot water.

Improvements in or relating to processes of electrolytic polishing of metals
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GB19500016571 19500703
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704953 (A)
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July 3, 1950
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March 3, 1954
Turner Hubert Laurence
Ever Ready Co
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C25F 03/20
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