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696,143. Generating combustion products under pressure. UNITED AIRCRAFT CORPORATION. Nov. 22, 1950 [Dec. 2, 1949]. No.. 28539/50. Class 51(i) [Also in Group XXVI] In a gas turbine jet propulsion engine in which the turbine exhaust gases are 'reheated by the injection of additional fuel, pure oxygen, liquid oxygen or hydrogen peroxide is injected into the engine to complete the burning of the additional fuel. The exhaust gases from the turbine 3 are reheated in a combustion chamber formed between conical members 21, 23 into which fuel is injected through nozzles 27. To ensure complete burning of this fuel oxygen is injected into the reheat chamber through nozzles 33. If desired, the oxygen may be injected ahead of the compressor 2 or main combustion chamber 13. The oxygen may be in the form of pure oxygen, liquid oxygen or hydrogen peroxide.; Oxygen from the tank 41 passes through a stop valve 46, pump 45, control valve 57 and manifold 35 to the nozzles 33. The valve 57 may be controlled manually or by a mechanism 58 responsive to the airflow through the engine. The mechanism 58 comprises a spring loaded diaphragm 63, subject on opposite sides to the pressure at the suction and discharge side of the compressor 2. To enable the amount of reheat fuel to be increased without increasing the temperature of the gases coolant may be injected into the engine through nozzles 37. The supply of coolant may be manually controlled or controlled by a valve operated by the mechanism 58. The coolant may be injected into the engine intake or into the combustion chamber.

Improvements in or relating to jet-engines and method of operating at increased output
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GB19500028539 19501122
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696143 (A)
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November 22, 1950
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August 26, 1953
United Aircraft
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F02C 03/20
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