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674,082. Destructive distillation in situ. NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. July 31, 1950 [June 15, 1949], No. 15989/49. Drawings to Specification. Class 55 (ii). In a system for the underground gasification of coal in which a stream of gasifying medium such as air, air mixed with oxygen, or a mixture of steam and oxygen is passed through a passage in the coal seam, means are provided close to the gasification zone to impart a swirling motion to the gasifying medium so that closer contact between the gasifying medium and the coal face is obtained. The means for imparting the swirling motion may comprise a housing situated at the entrance to the gasification zone and having a number of radially arranged vanes which are set at a suitable angle. In a modification the vanes may be rotated or a number of suitably designed nozzles may be used.

Improvements in or relating to the underground gasification of coal
Application Number
GB19490015989 19490615
Publication Number
674082 (A)
Application Date
June 15, 1949
Publication Date
June 18, 1952
Williams Frank Archer
Nat Res Dev
E21B 43/16
E21B 43/00
E21B 43/30
E21B 43/243
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