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671,965. Gas turbine plant. STANDARD OIL DEVELOPMENT, CO. Sept. 13, 1949 [Jan. 26, 1949], No. 23597/49. Class 110(iii) [Also in Group XI] To initiate combustion of a conventional fuel in the combustion chamber of a gas turbine or ram jet engine when the atmospheric pressure is low, a stream of oxygen is fed into the combustion chamber adjacent the ignition means during the period of initiating combustion, the flow of oxygen being discontinued after combustion has started A conventional fuel is defined as one which contains a negligible proportion of the oxygen needed for its complete combustion. Low atmospheric pressure is defined as a pressure corresponding to those normally prevailing at heights of about 10,000 feet and more above sea level. In the arrangement shown, fuel is fed into the combustion zone 1 through a conduit 4, filter 5 and nozzle 6 and air through a conduit 7.; A spark plug 11 is positioned adjacent the fuel nozzle 6. Oxygen is supplied to the combustion zone 1 through a conduit 16 closely adjacent the spark plug 11 and fuel nozzle 6. An electrically operated valve 17 in the conduit 16 is opened when the sparking plug 11 is energized. An auxiliary valve 18 controlled by the barometric pressure may be placed in the conduit 16 and arranged to open when the barometric pressure is 518 millimetres of mercury or lower. The spark plug 11 may be dispensed with and the fuel ignited by the injection of a flammable substance such as KMN O 4 plus H 2 O 2 or hydrazine. The specification contains numerous curves on which the invention is based. Specifications 574,554, [Group XII], and 632,637 are referred to.

Process and apparatus for starting engines at high altitudes
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GB19490023597 19490913
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671965 (A)
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September 13, 1949
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May 14, 1952
Standard Oil Dev Co
F02C 07/26
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