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671,797. Mowing machines. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. June 27, 1950, No. 16022/50. Class 6(iii) In a tractor-mounted mowing-machine, of the type wherein the cutting-mechanism 21 is swingably mounted on a vertical pivot 22 to permit deflection by rigid obstructions, the swinging is resisted by a resiliently-extensible element 32, 34 housed in a tubular frame member 12. The element comprises a spring 34 joined at its end, by a cable 32, to the swingable frame 19 carrying the cutting-mechanism 21. The member 12 has a hole 29 in its end for the passage of the cable 32.

Improvements in or relating to mowing or like machines
Application Number
GB19500016022 19500627
Publication Number
671797 (A)
Application Date
June 27, 1950
Publication Date
May 7, 1952
Hilblom Samuel Eric
Int Harvester Co
A01D 75/00
A01D 34/02
A01D 75/18
A01D 34/06
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