664,558. Loose-leaf binders. SOC. AR.L. CLASSEMENT JORA. April 29, 1949 [April 30, 1948], No. 11422/49. Class 146 (i). [Also in Group XXV] A loose leaf binder comprises an elongated base plate 1 and two arms 5, 7 respectively pivoted at or near the ends 3, 4 of the base plate, one arm 5 being of length substantially equal to that of the base plate and terminating in a hook 6 or equivalent which is engaged by the arm 7 in its raised position so that when the arm 7 is turned downwardly and outwardly, the arm 5 is pressed down into position close to the base plate 1. The arm 7 has a notch 8 near its fulcrum to engage the hook 6 to lock the arm 5 in the closed position. The base 1 may be fixed by eyelets 2 to a cardboard binder and has a reinforcing rib 9 and curved edge 10 which cooperate with the arm 5, which is preferably U- shaped as shown at 11, to clamp the loose leaves.

Mechanism for loose-leaf binders
Application Number
GB19490011422 19490429
Publication Number
664558 (A)
Application Date
April 29, 1949
Publication Date
January 9, 1952
R L Classement Jora
B42F 09/00
B42F 09/00
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