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657,485. Light-sensitive cells. MEGATRON, Ltd., VESZI, G. A., and MARKUS, P. Aug. 6, 1947, No. 21413. [Class 40 (iii)] A barrier-layer cell has a curved lightsensitive surface formed by curving to the desired shape a substantially flat plate of metal coated with a layer of the photo-sensitive material, the light-sensitive surface being on the inner or concave side of the curved cell. A flat plate 10, preferably of aluminium, has a layer 11 of photo-sensitive material, e.g. selenium, and one or more transparent conductive coatings 12 on which conducting strips 13 are formed, for example, by spraying. The plate is bent to the desired shape, as shown in Fig. 3, with the aid of a cylindrical former. The cell may be of other curved form, e.g. conical, and may be constituted by a number of curved segments constructed as above and assembled to form a substantially continuous sensitive surface.

Improvements in or relating to photo-electric cells of the barrier layer type
Application Number
GB19470021413 19470806
Publication Number
657485 (A)
Application Date
August 6, 1947
Publication Date
September 19, 1951
Peter Markus
Gabor Adam Veszi
H01L 31/18
H01L 31/036
H01L 31/00
H01L 31/18
H01L 31/0392
H01L 31/00
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