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647,812. Flooring tiles; skirtings. FREEMAN, W. S. Aug. 9, 1948, No. 20938. [Classes 20(iv) and 87(i)] A flooring tile 20, preferably of rubber, and of triangular, square, rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal or sector shape is formed along at least one edge with a channel 24 or 25 in one main face leaving a rib 26'between the channel and the edge face, on at least another edge with a tongue or tongues 21, 22 and on at least one other edge with a corresponding groove. The channel and rib may be of angular or rounded form, and the tongues and grooves may be of angular, tapered or rounded form; two or three tongues and grooves may be provided in the thickness of the tile. L-shaped floor-edge tiles 31 are provided having tongues, grooves or rabbets to engage adjacent floor tiles.

Improvements in or relating to flooring or like tiles
Application Number
GB19480020938 19480809
Publication Number
647812 (A)
Application Date
August 9, 1948
Publication Date
December 20, 1950
William Simon Freeman
E04F 15/10
E04F 15/10
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