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644,812. Pressure exchangers. JENDRASSIK, G. Dec. 29,1947, No. 34466. Convention date, Oct. 3, 1944. [Class 8(i)] [Also in Group XXVI] A pressure exchanger comprises an externally operated rotor 1 having axially extending chambers 3 and stator end parts 2, 2'. Air or other fluid to be compressed is introduced at 4 and discharged at 51. The energizing fluid is introduced at 5 and discharged at 41. Between these inlet and outlet passages, the end parts have two series of cavities 6, 61 which open towards the rotor. The cavities 6 of one end part are connected by pipes 7 to the cavities 61 opposite to them in the other end part. The energizing fluid may be air taken from the inlet 4 and heated in a combustion chamber. The chambers 3 may be divided into an inner and an outer series by an annular partition.; A seal is provided between the rotor and the stator end parts which consists of two series of segmental blocks 9 of a self-lubricating carbonaceous material in annular channels in the end parts and pressed by the local fluid pressure on the end faces of the rotor. The pressure drop across the seal may be reduced by enclosing the rotor in a casing 13 maintained at an intermediate pressure. The rotor shaft is then also provided with seals. The rotor sealing blocks 9 may be arranged in a plane normal to the axis to press on to inner and outer cylindrical surfaces on the rotor. Sealing blocks may be provided in the ends of the walls which separate the chambers 3. The construction of the sealing arrangement is described in detail (see Group XXVI).

Improvements in pressure exchangers
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GB19470034466 19471229
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644812 (A)
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December 29, 1947
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October 18, 1950
Gyorgy Jendrassik
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