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643,564. Mounting indicating instruments on motor vehicles. LUCAS, Ltd., J. Sept. 13, 1948, No. 23970. [Class 79 (iii)] [Also in Group XVIII] An indicating instrument or an assembly of instruments is attached to the bulkhead of a motor vehicle and a system of mirrors is provided to render the instruments visible to the driver. As shown the instruments a are mounted directly, or by means of a panel c, on the bulkhead. Mirrors e, f are arranged beneath the facia board d and render the reflection therein of the instruments visible to the driver.

Improvements relating to the mounting of indicating instruments on motor vehicles
Application Number
GB19480023970 19480913
Publication Number
643564 (A)
Application Date
September 13, 1948
Publication Date
September 20, 1950
Foxall Horace Henry
Lucas Joseph
B60K 37/00
B60K 37/00
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