602,781. Uniting metal to piezo-electric crystals. GOLDER, E. V., and FLETCHER, D. B. Nov. 30, 1945, No. 32489. [Class 36] [Also in Group XL (c)] A method of attaching a contact wire to a piezo-electric crystal comprises embedding part of the wire in a blob of silvering paste on the crystal and baking the assembly to reduce the paste to a hard conducting mass. Specification 566,718, [Group II], is referred to.

Improvements in or relating to piezo-electric crystals having wire connections
Application Number
GB19450032489 19451130
Publication Number
602781 (A)
Application Date
November 30, 1945
Publication Date
June 2, 1948
Dorothy Brewster Fletcher
Edward Victor Golder
H03H 03/00
H03H 03/02
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