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592,320. Variable-speed epicyclic friction gearing. McCONNEL, F. W. March 13, 1945, No. 6309. [Class 80(ii)] Ball or other planetary idlers 32, carried by a driving shaft 10, engage internal conical friction tracks, one 35 on a stationary reaction-casing 40, the other 36 on a driven shaft 11, at points of contact which can be'varied by tilting the axes 34 of the balls by axial movement of a flat-sided block 15, splined to the driving shaft 10 and having aligned radial pivot pins 30 passing through slots in a forked member 31 carrying the ball-axes 34 and free to pivot, for speed adjustment of the ball-axes, and also to move bodily outwards under centrifugal force, which provides the traction pressure. The casing may be held at 40 by a bandbrake, release of which disconnects the drive.; Axial adjustment of the block 15 to vary the ratio is effected by turning a thumbscrew 23 on the casing 40. The shafts 10, 11 may be aligned, as shown, or inclined. Where the planetary idlers 32 are other than spherical the friction tracks 35, 36 are resiliently pressed together to maintain contact in all positions.

Improvements in or relating to variable speed-gears
Application Number
GB19450006309 19450313
Publication Number
592320 (A)
Application Date
March 13, 1945
Publication Date
September 15, 1947
Frederick Whigham Mcconnel
F16H 15/00
F16H 15/52
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