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530,508. Controlling aircraft. GRAY, W. E. March 10, 1939, No. 7739. [Class 4] An aeroplane wing 1 is. provided on each outboard half of its semi-span with spoilers 2 capable of being put into and out of action simultaneously by the pilot. The spoilers may be hinged or of the arc type. The spoilers may be perforated to steady the airflow in their wake. The spoilers may be of the flush nesting kind, or as shown in Fig. 4, where the spoiler 9 pivoted at 10 normally rests on the wing 1, a fairing 11 being provided. Specifications 457,114, 460,636, 475,500, and 476,673 are referred to.

Aeroplane stabilizing and control means
Application Number
GB19390007739 19390310
Publication Number
530508 (A)
Application Date
March 10, 1939
Publication Date
December 13, 1940
William Edrington Gray
B64C 09/00
B64C 09/32
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