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512,586. Medical vaporizers. ROBERTS, A. H. B. May 9, 1938, No. 13814. [Class 81(i)] Apparatus for producing dry vapours for curative purposes by the destructive distillation of vegetable or mineral matter comprises a base supporting a compartment at a distance above it, a series of circular bosses on the bottom of the compartment to which are secured containers for additional medicinal liquids through which the vapours generated are passed, and a number of valve-controlled passages within the compartment connecting the containers with a mixing receptacle. Preferably the base is circular, as shown in Fig 1, and the various containers, mixing chamber etc., are grouped round an electric motor driving a fan which circulates the vapours through the apparatus. Fig. 5 is a sectional diagrammatic view of the arrangement of the parts.; Vegetable or mineral matter is burned in furnace 19 to create medicinal vapours which are drawn through opening 20 in the base of the furnace into chamber 18. They are then passed through a liquid purifying medium 25 in container 24, a valve tube 26 having a hole registering with the exit from chamber 18 being provided and controlled by knot 27. The vapours then pass through chamber 31, formed in the compartment 11, having baffles 32 and 33 and then pass through solid filtering material in chanber 12, which forms one of the columns supporting the compartment. The blower 37 draws air through the furnace and the vapours generated through the purifying devices described, and then forces them through further purifying means in chamber 13 which forms the second supporting column for the compartment.; The cleaned vapour then passes into a manifold passage 48 forming a sector of the compartment, in the floor of which are attached a number of receptacles 51 containing medicant liquids. A tubular valve 50 of similar construction to that provided on liquid purifier 24 is attached to each container 51 so that the vapours may be passed through any or all of the medicant liquids as desired. Each medicant container is provided with a drip feed device (shown in Fig. 2) whereby the container can be refilled from receptacle 57, the outflow of which is controlled by a needle valve 58. From these medicant receptacles, the vapours pass to a mixing chamber 62, preferably electrically heated, from which the vapours are led to their place of use. The strength of the vapour formed in the furnace 19 may be controlled by the admission of air into cylinders 71 opening into chamber 18.; Slide valves are provided in the top of each cylinder and simultaneously operated by means of pulley 74 mounted on the top of the compartment, and belt 76.

Dry vapor generators
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GB19380013814 19380509
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512586 (A)
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May 9, 1938
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September 20, 1939
Alfred Henry B Roberts
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