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512,456. Dilating instruments. SADILKOVA, H. March' 9, 1938, No. 7319. [Class 81 (ii)] An appliance for treating body cavities or constrictions therein by dilatation comprises a thin expansible rubber tube B, closed at one end and connected at the other through a valve E to a source of fluid pressure, a thin, preferably removable wire stiffener A, having a terminal bead B, enclosed within tube B, an outer elastic-tubular envelope D, and an intermediate locally expansible envelope C tubular in collapsed condition as shown, the outer envelope D having graduations thereon to facilitate accurate positioning of the appliance in the body.; The part C may be of non-elastic material having one or more widened expansible parts R which collapse into folds on removal of internal pressure ; alternatively it may be of elastic material the walls of which are of unequal thickness or are locally stiffened by fabric layers. The pressure source may be connected through a length of tubing and a pressure gauge may be provided.

An apparatus for widening narrow or constricted internal organs of the body or their parts
Application Number
GB19380007319 19380309
Publication Number
512456 (A)
Application Date
March 9, 1938
Publication Date
September 15, 1939
Helena Sadilkova
A61M 29/02
A61M 29/02
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