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500,632. Bolts. HAWKINS, H. Aug. 12, 1937, No. 22200. [Class 89 (i)] Relates to bolts provided with abutment members normally contained within the width of the bolt these members being projected after passing the bolt through the work and thus preventing its retraction. The abutment member 13 located in a slot in the bolt is provided with an L-shaped slot 18 in which works a pin 19 carried by the bolt. The abutment is extended by pushing in the shaft 11 connected to the abutment through the link 22. In the operative position strain is removed from the operating, mechanism by the top of the abutment bearing on the end wall of the slot. In a modification, a pair of abutments 31 are provided.; These members are separated by the wedge extension 35 provided on the bolt and are provided with shoulders which bear on complementary shoulders on the bolt when the device is in its operative position.

Improvements in and connected with bolts
Application Number
GB19370022200 19370812
Publication Number
500632 (A)
Application Date
August 12, 1937
Publication Date
February 13, 1939
Henry Hawkins
F16B 19/04
B25B 31/00
F16B 19/10
B25B 31/00
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