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500,054. Epicyclic reversing-gearing. WILSON, A. G. Aug. 9. 1937, No. 21859. [Class 80 (ii)] A driving shaft a, having fast thereon a sunwheel b of a first train and an annulus x of a second, imparts a reduced reverse drive to an annulus u, fast to a driven shaft k, utilizing only the first train, when a brake 13 is applied to the common planet carrier 12 of both trains, and provides a reduced forward drive, with both trains taking part in a compound manner, when a brake 10 is applied to the loose sun-wheel y of the second train. The Provisional Specification states also that further ratios may be provided by adding other trains which drive the sun-wheel y either backwards or forwards.

Improvements in and relating to epicyclic reversing-gear
Application Number
GB19370021859 19370809
Publication Number
500054 (A)
Application Date
August 9, 1937
Publication Date
February 2, 1939
Andrew Gordon Wilson
F16H 03/44
F16H 03/60
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