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487,983. Distilling and gasefying solid carbonaceous materials. ROWLEY, H. E. G. (Soc. Chimique de la Grande Paroisse- Azote & Produits Chimiques) July 12, J937, No. 19301. [Class 55 (i)] In the production of oils by low temperature distillation of coal, lignite, oil shale, petroliferous sandstone, &c. in a distillation chamber through which the material passes vertically downwards, by means of hot gases or superheated steam flowing: horizontally therethrough in a closed circuit, followed by combustion of the distilled material by means of oxygen-containing gas, the hot residue is utilized to preheat the hot gases or steam used in the distillation chamber. Superimposed chambers of a retort comprise a preheating or drying chamber A, a distilling chamber B, a combustion chamber C and a residue cooling chamber D and are utilized in combination with a condenser L and a heat exchanger E.; The distilling medium is superheated by passage through the hot residue in D and then through the heat exchanger E before entering the distilling chamber B from which the gases and volatile products pass into the condenser L. Oils are recovered in the latter and the non-condensible gas or lowpressure steam, which may be compressed by a compressor M, is returned to the cycle. Hot water separated in the condenser may be utilized for the production of steam required in the process. Oxygen-containing gas is supplied to the combustion chamber C through a supply pipe 7, part of the issuing gases being used in the heat exchanger and part, after utilization in an external apparatus, such as a boiler K, being used in the preheating chamber A. The flow of gases through the chambers A and D may be horizontal or vertical.

Method and apparatus for destructive distillation at low temperature
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GB19370019301 19370712
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487983 (A)
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July 12, 1937
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June 29, 1938
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