484,366. Swash - plate mechanism. HULSEBOS, W., and NAAMLOOZE VENNOOTSCHAP HULSEMO. June 7, 1937, No. 15774. [Class 80 (iii)] Relates to wobbler or swash-plate mechanism, e.g. as described in Specification 350,308, wherein the connection between the piston and wobbler comprises a pair of members which roll upon one another and in which a knob on one of the rolling members and a socket in the other are employed to maintain the rolling surfaces in correct relationship. According to the invention, the knob or the socket member with which it co-operates, is mounted to yield against resilient pressure in the direction of the geometrical axis of the rolling surface in which it is situated.; The piston 10, Fig. 1, has an extension 12 in which are mounted two discs 14, 16 with parallel opposed surfaces, over which slide two slippers 18, 20 the inner surfaces of which are flat or slightly convex and are formed each with a spherical socket or recess. The wobbler has radial arms 28 at the end of each of which is secured a pair of pressure members 30, 32 the external surfaces of which are conical, the members being bored to receive plungers 34, 36 between which is a spring 38. The exposed ends of the plungers are curved to fit the sockets in the slippers. In a modification, the knobs are formed on the slippers, and the recesses in the plungers. In a further modification, the surfaces of the pressure members are curved.; In a still further modification, Fig. 4, the wobbler has parallel flat surfaces engaging sliders 42, 43 the outer surfaces of which engage conical pressure members 46, 48 in the piston extension 12. These pressure members are bored to receive plungers 54, 56 urged outwardly by springs 57, 58 to cause their spherical ends to engage sockets 62, 64 in the sliders. These sliders have extensions 66 guided by ribs 68 to prevent them from rotating.

Improvements relating to wobblers or swash-plate mechanism
Application Number
GB19370015774 19370607
Publication Number
484366 (A)
Application Date
June 7, 1937
Publication Date
May 4, 1938
Naamlooze Vennootschap Hulsemo
Wichert Hulsebos
F16H 23/00
F16H 23/06
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