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478,064. Closures for bottles. MOSTER, E. July 11, 1936, No. 19298. [A Specification was laid open to inspection under Sect. 91 of the Acts, Jan. 13, 1937.] [Class 125 (iii)] A bottle closure which can be inserted into a bottle neck and form a tight closure therein, has a cork &c. gasket 12 surrounding a tubular member 13 and a hollow chamber 14 in which a closure member 17 is axially movable simultaneously to open or close a pouring and a vent orifice. The chamber 14 has two radial passages 18,19. An elastic facing 15 is provided on a spigot 16 on the member 17. In a modification, the closure member having radial passages comprises a cap which is screwed on to an elastic hollow member which is inserted into the bottle neck.

Improvements in or relating to bottle closures
Application Number
GB19360019298 19360711
Publication Number
478064 (A)
Application Date
July 11, 1936
Publication Date
January 11, 1938
Edmund Moster
B65D 47/04
B65D 47/24
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