476,673. Aircraft wing-flaps. GRAY, W. E. March 12, 1936, No. 7490. [Class 4] A partially or fully balanced wake-forming wing-flap adapted to be nested into an aeroplane wing is hingedly divided along its span, and the rearmost or lowermost portion so formed is adapted to be angularly adjusted with regard to the remainder of the flap so that it may be turned out of the direct airstream, and into the shelter of the wake behind the remainder of the flap so as to cause a temporary over-balancing of the flap for the purpose of effecting operation of the flap. As shown, the lowermost section 5 of a flap comprising two or more hingedly connected sections 3, 5 is divided by the hinge 8. The section 5 is adapted, when collapsed, to lie with its free edge towards the rear of the wing. Each lower section is connected to the wing by a drag link 2.; The control effort for the portion 7 is led through levers lying in the plane of the flaps, and push and pull rods lying along the hinges. The portion 7 may be operated by an inclined hinge as described in Specification 301,199, [Class 4], a Bowden wire control or by a Simmonds- Corsey control. Vibration-dampers may be provided to minimize vibration of the flap and the flaps on opposite wings may be interconnected to move together. The portion 7 may be rearwardly spaced from the remainder of the flap 5. Specifications 147,034, [Class 4], and 457,114 are referred to.

Aeroplane wing flaps
Application Number
GB19360007490 19360312
Publication Number
476673 (A)
Application Date
March 12, 1936
Publication Date
December 13, 1937
William Edrington Gray
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B64C 09/20
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