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475,500. Aeroplane wing - flaps. GRAY, W. E. May 16, 1936, No. 13966. [Class 4] A wing-flap is supported from the wing structure by means comprising a pivoted link running from a pivot on or fixed to the wing to a pivot on the flap some distance back from the leading edge thereof, and guided during adjustment by an additional support near its leading edge comprising a roller or equivalent working along a track so shaped that the aerodynamic load on the flap is substantially balanced at all positions of adjustment by the force in the link and the reaction between the track and the roller. Alternatively the track may be so shaped that a heavy operating load is produced during the initial travel of the flap and thereafter substantial balance is achieved.; In one such form, Fig. 1, a slotted flap 2, of the kind described in Specification 176,909, [Class 4], is pivoted to a link 3 pivoted to wing 1 at 5. A roller 6 attached to the flap is guided in a track 7 in a bracket 8 fixed to wing 1. The slot formed between wing and flap is closed bv a plate 9 hinged to flap 2 and controlled by a link 11 connected at one end to a fixed point on the wing, and at the other to a lever 10 on the plate. Adjustment is effected by a pull-push rod 12 and a separate hand control may be provided for effecting the initial travel of the flap. According to modifications the flap 9 may be hinged to the slot wall and bracket 8 may be carried by the flap and roller 6 by the wing. The flap may be maintained in closed position by a spring.; As applied to a split flap, Fig. 2, a roller 6 carried by flap 13 works in a track 7 so shaped that the aerodynamic force on the flap is substantially exactly balanced in all adjusted positions by the reaction B between track and roller and the tension in link 3. The supporting link 3 may in a modification run rearwardly from the flap pivot to the wing as described in Specification 416,715. Specification 301,199, [Class 4], also is referred to.

Aeroplane wing flaps
Application Number
GB19360013966 19360516
Publication Number
475500 (A)
Application Date
May 16, 1936
Publication Date
November 16, 1937
William Edrington Gray
B64C 03/00
B64C 03/54
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