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475,163. Controlling aircraft. GRAY, W. E. May 12, 1936, No. 13456. [Class 4] A slotted flap 2 forms part of an aeroplane wing 1 and a surface 3 is hinged to its leading edge ; the surface 3 is mechanically connected to the wing so that when the flap is moved from its inoperative position the leading edge of the surface 3 is lowered relatively to the wing, at least over part of its operative movement. As shown, the flap 2 is pivoted about an axis 5, and an arm 6 secured to the surface is connected by a link 7 to the wing. Movement of the flap 2 causes downward movement of the surface 3 to open the slot and aerodynamically balance the load on the flap 2. The link and arm may be arranged such that slight upward movement of the surface 3 takes place during the initial movement of the flap. Specification 176,909, [Class 4], is referred to.

Aeroplane wing flaps
Application Number
GB19360013456 19360512
Publication Number
475163 (A)
Application Date
May 12, 1936
Publication Date
November 12, 1937
William Edrington Gray
B64C 21/00
B64C 21/08
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