474,338. Swash - plate mechanism. HULSEBOS, W., and NAAMLOOZE VENNOOTSCHAP HULSEMO. Feb. 18, 1937, No. 4938. [Class 80 (iii)] [Also in Group XXVI] In a machine of the wobbler type in which the inclined crank-pin on which the wobbler is mounted is offset from the crank-shaft at one end only and in which the wobbler is provided with an annular surface rolling upon an annular abutment surface on the frame as described for example, in Specification 440,545, the cylinder block 1 is cast in one piece with the guide member 3 for the extended ends of the pistons 15. Guide blocks 4 are secured to the members 3. An end piece 5 is secured to the guide members 3 and cylinder blocks by studs and nuts 16, 10 and anchor-bolts 9. The bearing 6 which supports the forward end of the shaft extends inwardly to a distance equal to half the piston stroke.

Improvements in and relating to machines of the wobbler type
Application Number
GB19370004938 19370218
Publication Number
474338 (A)
Application Date
February 18, 1937
Publication Date
October 29, 1937
Naamlooze Vennootschap Hulsemo
Wichert Hulsebos
F16H 23/00
F16H 23/06
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