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In apparatus for separating gas or vapour from a liquid flowing in a tube, and particularly intended for use as a steam separator in the steam generator described in Specification 448,657, separation is effected over a substantially horizontal tube length 3, Fig. 1, by forming the upper part of the tube with holes or slits 6 through which gas or vapour is led off by a pipe 7 connected to the tube lengthwise, or by enlarging the cross section of a tube length 11, Fig. 3, and taking the gas or vapour off through a pipe 15 connected to the enlargement. A connection 8 is provided between the lead-off tube 7 and the length 5 of the tube following the separator. Two or more tube lengths 3 may open into a single lead-off pipe.

Improvements in apparatus for separating gas and/or vapour from a mixture of gas and/or vapour and liquid flowing through a tube
Application Number
GB19350035677 19350528
Publication Number
451905 (A)
Application Date
May 28, 1935
Publication Date
August 13, 1936
Martin Schmidt
B01D 19/00
B01D 19/00
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