442,807. Coin - controlled wireless receiving - apparatus. MASTINI, D., 251, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Rome. Jan. 26, 1935, No. 2658. Convention date, Jan. 26, 1934. [Class 27] Coin-action, mechanical connection ; electricity, supplying by time-controlled apparatus.- A device for collecting payment for the use of a radio receiver comprises a coin-freed unit, detachably mounted on the receiver, and which incorporates clockwork timing mechanism for periodically breaking the receiver circuit, and also essential parts of the receiver itself, so that detachment of the unit renders the receiver unserviceable.; As shown, the device comprises a casing 1 provided with sockets 3 for plugging on to connecting pins on the receiver; two of these sockets are connected in series with two pairs of contact blades 18, 19, and the others to components 13, such as resistances and condensers, which are essential to the working of the receiver. A coin inserted through a slot 6 comes to rest on a platform 11. Upon depression of a push-button 7, a lever 9 connected therewith turns about its pivot 23 thrusting the coin under an arm 20 on a spring-actuated lever 15, which is rotated about its pivot 201 to disengage the contacts 19 permitting them to close to complete the receiver circuit, the contacts 18 being normally in their closed position.; The lever 15 is looked in its set position by a catch 32 on a spring-actuated double-armed lever 14, and in this position its lower end obstructs the winding shaft 34 of the clockwork mechanism. At the conclusion of the prepaid period, the spring, or another part of the clockwork mechanism, engages and rotates the lever 14, so that the lever 15 is unlocked, and moves to break the circuit at the contacts 19. Each time the lever 14 is operated, a pawl 17 advances a ratchet wheel 27, controlling the contacts 18, through one tooth.; After a certain number of operations, the ratchet wheel 27 opens the contacts 18, and it is then necessary to open the unit and re-set the wheel 27 to obtain further use of the receiver ; thus, if the device is used for collecting hire-purchase payments, it is detached from the receiver and returned to the vendor, who opens it, withdraws the coins deposited, and resets the wheel 27 for further use. Fraud preventing ; coin-slit closing-devices.- An off-set part 10 of the lever 9 obstructs the arm 20, when the push-button 7 is unoperated, to prevent fraudulent movement of the arm 20 by an inserted tool, the insertion slot being closed when the push-button is depressed by a pivoted plate 21 actuated by a cam on the push-button.

Improvements in radio receivers for telephony, television and the like, in combination with counter or coin collectors
Application Number
GB19350002658 19350126
Publication Number
442807 (A)
Application Date
January 26, 1935
Publication Date
February 17, 1936
Domenico Mastini
G07F 17/00
G07F 17/28
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