442,071. Water supply ; drainage and irrigation. RANNEY, L., Petrolia, Ontario, Canada. July 23,1934, No. 27998 /35. Divided out of 442,008. [Classes 68 (i) and 85] [See also Group I] Apparatus adapted to be sunk into the ground for recovering fluids from, or supply of fluids to, a subterranean formation comprises a plurality of sectional vertical cells arranged to form a hollow shaft and has an outer perforated wall spaced from and immovable relatively to an inner wall. A hollow shaft 43 is circumferentially divided into independent vertical cells 44, each of which may be built up of superposed sections during sinking of the shaft. Each cell has a perforated outer wall 46 and an imperforate inner wall 47 and sides 49 ; an opening 48 is provided at the bottom of each cell for passage of the water to or from openings 51. Adjacent cells and the walls of each cell are bolted together.; A shoe 45, built of sections, is provided on the lower cell sections and filled with concrete &c. For sinking the shaft by jetting, a pipe within the shaft supplies water to the shoe. The cells may be filled with sand &c. to facilitate sinking, the sand then being discharged through openings 51. A pipe 50 is connected to the top of each cell or extends through the cell for backwashing while the openings 51, other than those in the cells adjacent to that under treatment, are closed ; this pipe or a further pipe may be perforated within the cell and connected to opening 51, and may be surrounded by graded gravel, the finer gravel being towards the outside of the cell where cheese cloth &c. may be placed to retain the gravel. One or more of the cells may have an opening for outward projection of a collecting or discharging head.; Water may be taken from upper strata by such collecting &c. heads and passed downwards through the lower screens to deeper strata.

Apparatus for recovering water from or supplying water to subterranean formations
Application Number
GB19350027998 19340723
Publication Number
442071 (A)
Application Date
July 23, 1934
Publication Date
January 23, 1936
Leo Ranney
E03B 03/00
E03B 03/26
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