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442,008. Water supply; drainage and irrigation ; boring earth ; driving turbines. RANNEY, L., Petrolia, Ontario, Canada. July 23, 1934, No. 21562. [Classes 68 (i) and 85] [See also Groups I and XXVI] Means for recovering fluids from, or supplying fluids to, subterranean formations comprises a chamber sunk into the ground and provided with openings through which perforated pipes are slid axially into the ground, a fluid-tight joint being maintained between each pipe and the chamber. A shaft 1 is sunk into the ground, sealed by concrete &c. 2, and cleared of water. Staggered circumferential rows of holes 3 are provided in the shaft, each hole being initially closed by a plug 4, Fig. 4, which is pushed out to permit passage of collecting or distributing heads 5.; Each head 5 comprises a perforated sectional tube 6, Figs. 5 and 5a, which may be surrounded by an outer tube 39 with fine, staggered slots. The forward end of tube 6 carries a boring head 7, Figs. 6 and 8, with slots 8 widening inwardly and rearwardly and flanked by ridges 9 ; between slots 8 are rear slots 13 behind ridges 14 and the slots 8, 13 may have rear inclined surfaces 12 to lift stones. During projection of the heads 5, an inner imperforate tube 15 is detachably secured at 15b to the boring head and allows passage of water and fine material to the shaft, or of a water jet to clear the boring head &c. ; tube 15 may be connected through a packed sleeve 19, Fig. 12, and a driving head 16 to a suction pump for removal of material.; The space between the tubes 6, 15 is sealed by a slidable tube 23, Figs. 5 and 5a, with outer packings 24 and forward packing 27, while packings 29a, Fig. 4, seal off outside the tubes 6. After projection of the tubes, tube 15 is detached and the tube 6 is flushed to clear sand therefrom to leave a gravel pack around it, and a valve 31, Fig. 1, with control spindle 33 is attached to the pipe 6 ; a pipe 32 is also provided to supply water for backwashing the pipe 6 &c. In running sand &c., a spring-pressed valve 35, Fig. 6, is arranged in the boring head to be opened by the pipe 15. The tube 15 may be slidable to control ports giving access to or from the tube 6. The apparatus may be used to transfer water from a higher to a lower stratum, the water in its passage driving a turbine operating a dynamo. Specification 442,203 is referred to.

Method of and apparatus for recovering water from or supplying water to subterraneanformations
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GB19340021562 19340723
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442008 (A)
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July 23, 1934
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January 23, 1936
Leo Ranney
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