440,545. Swash - plate mechanism. HULSEBOS, W., Laren, Holland. May 28, 1935, 15538. [Class 80 (iii)] Consists in means for taking the thrust of engine pistons on a swash-plate. The. cylinders 1, Fig. 1, are parallel to the crank-shaft 2. The inclined crank 3 carries, by means of collars 5, 6, a swash-plate 4 which has a pressure member 7 co-operating with a similar member 8 supported rotatably relative to frame 10 by a rotatable member 9. The high pressure between members 7, 8 is transmitted to the larger areas between members 8, 9 or 9, 10. With a small inexactitude in the position or form of the conical faces of members 7, 8, the member 8 can rotate slightly so as to result in pure rolling. Member 9, preferably of bronze, can be secured to either member 8 or to the frame 10 or can be dispensed with.; In a modification, Fig. 2, the surfaces of pressure members 11, 12 are arcuate in axial section, member 11 being in one with the parts 13, 14 of which 13 is cylindrical and fits the swash-plate, while 14 is spherical and contacts with member 12. The collar 6 may be omitted and the crank formed as shown in dotted lines. Bevel pinions 15, 16 prevent rotation of the swash-plate.

Swash plate mechanism
Application Number
GB19350015538 19350528
Publication Number
440545 (A)
Application Date
May 28, 1935
Publication Date
January 1, 1936
Wichert Hulsebos
F16H 23/00
F16H 23/04
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