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437,599. Filter tips for cigarettes. WIX, A., 338, Goswell Road, London, and MAY, R. F., 9, Manor Road, Potters Bar, Middlesex. April 26, 1934, No. 12610. [Class 8 (ii)] [See also Groups VI and VIII] Filter tips for cigarettes are produced directly from strip material comprising a carrier layer having sufficient strength to enable the material to be utilized in filter-tip forming mechanism and to resist deformation of the filter tips produced, and an absorbent layer of substantial thickness at one or both sides of the carrier layer, without any intermediate step involving the assembly of a number of such strips. In one form, the strip material consists of a carrier layer of stiff paper or like material having on one or both sides a layer of cottonwool or like absorbent material.; The strip may be formed into a filter tip by coiling in spiral form, as in Fig. 3, or by folding or bunching a length of the material to an approximately zigzag formation, as in Fig. 5. In modifications, (1) the strip consists of a number of layers of crepe paper and a single layer of cottonwool, textile or other absorbent material, preferably attached by stitching, spots of adhesive, &c. ; (2) the absorbent layer consists wholly or in part of silk, artificial silk or the like. Specification 311,831, [Class 8 (ii)], is referred to.

Improvements in or relating to filter tips for cigarettes
Application Number
GB19340012610 19340426
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437599 (A)
Application Date
April 26, 1934
Publication Date
October 28, 1935
Rowland Frank May
Abraham Wix
A24D 03/00
A24D 03/10
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