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437,309. Snap-action switches. WALSALL CONDUITS, Ltd., and PERKINS, E., Excelsior Works, West Bromwich, Staffordshire. May 9, 1934, No. 13980. [Class 38 (v)] [See also Group XXXVI] A switch associated with a wall socket fixture is operated by a rotatable boss 17, Fig. 2, that is turned by a projecting spindle 52, Fig. 3, attached to a knob 50 on the plug member 46. The earthing-pin 48 moves a spring- pressed catch 55 out of engagement with a notch 58 in the boss 17.; The boss is connected to a two-bladed switch arm 22, Figs. 5, 7, by a roller 39 mounted eccentrically on the boss and co-operating with a forked lever 34 pivoted at 35 and having a lug 36 that engages a recess 37 in a bifurcated lever 26 pivoted on a pin 23 concentrically with the switch arm 22 and connected thereto by a snap action device comprising a rod 28 pivoted to the lever 26 at 30 and passing through a crosspiece 32 on the switch arm, a compression spring 33 being interposed between the crosspiece and a head 29 on the rod 28. An insulating plate 44 lies between the two fixed contacts 40.

Improvements in or relating to combined electric switches and plug couplings
Application Number
GB19340013980 19340509
Publication Number
437309 (A)
Application Date
May 9, 1934
Publication Date
October 28, 1935
Ernest Perkins
Walsall Conduits
H01R 13/70
H01R 13/707
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