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437,252. Dish - washing machines. BILDE, T. E. D., 66, Norr M├Álarstrand, Stockholm. May 22, 1935, No. 14960. Convention date, May 25, 1934. [Class 138 (i)] A dish-washing machine is formed with three compartments arranged one above the other, the uppermost chamber containing a motor 5, tightly separated by a partition 6 from a middle chamber 7, which is provided with spraying means and a rack 8 for the dishes, the lowermost chamber 2 containing washing water and a pump 3. The pump 3 is driven from the motor 5 through a vertical shaft, and feeds water from the chamber 2 to spraying nozzles 11, 12 above and below the dishes, clean rinsing water being supplied through pipes 18 from a separate source of supply. In returning to the lower chamber, the water passes through a removable strainer 15 for collecting waste matter, the partition 14 acting as a further strainer.; The chamber 2 can be drained by means of a plug 19, operable by a handle 20, and a pipe 22, passing through the plug, acts as an overflow. The door 23 of the spraying chamber is operated mechanically from the driving motor for opening and closing or by hydraulic or pneumatic means comprising a piston 29, connected thereto by a wire 25 and a cylinder 28 to which air or water under pressure can be admitted by means of a three-way cock 31 when it is desired to open the door, the door closing under its own weight when the fluid is released. The three-way cock is operated by means of push buttons 34 mounted on the frame of the machine, and the legs of the machine are provided with levelling screws 40.

Improved dish washing machine
Application Number
GB19350014960 19350522
Publication Number
437252 (A)
Application Date
May 22, 1935
Publication Date
October 28, 1935
Tord Erik Daniel Bilde
A47L 15/14
A47L 15/16
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