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405,664. Controlling change - speed gearing. WILSON, A. G., 23, Queen Anne's Gate, London. May 5, 1932, No. 13034. [Class 80 (ii).] Relates to means for braking reaction drums in change-speed epicyclic gearing especially of the Wilson type such as described in Specifications 164,042, 312,128, and 328,660, [all in Class 80 (ii), Gearing, Variable-speed &c.], and as applied to vehicles. A reaction drum, or each drum, 1 has teeth 2 upon it adapted to be engaged by teeth 4 upon a non-rotary similarly-toothed stationing device 3 and these teeth are synchronized prior to engagement by braking. The stationing device 3 is carried by an actuating member 11 which extends through a shot 12 in a fixed casing 13. Integral with the drum 1 is the male member 7 of a cone brake the female member 8 of which is formed upon a ring 9 surrounding the drum 1 and outside the stationing ring 3.; In a form shown in Fig. 1, the ring 9 is attached to the ring 3 by a feathered connection 14, 15 and by a spring- pressed ball catch 10. To stop the drum 1, the member 11 is thrust to the left. This first brings the brake 7, 8 into action so slowing down the drum. Continued movement causes the ball catch 10 to slip so that the teeth 4 of the ring 3 can pass on into mesh with the teeth 2 of the drum thereby holding the drum positively against rotation. In Figs. 2 and 3 are shown means for preventing the advance of the ring 3 as long as the drum 1 is rotating. When the non-rotary brake cone 8 is advanced into engagement with the cone 7 on the drum, the cone 8 is angularly displaced as far as permitted by slots 17 and through pins 14. This brings teeth 16 on the ring 9 in front of the teeth 4 on the ring 3 so as to prevent passage of the teeth 4.; The teeth 16 remain in this obstructing position as long as the drum 1 rotates. When the drum 1 stops, springs 15, Fig. 2, displace the ring 9 back through the length of the slots 17 to the position of Fig. 3 when the teeth 16 are out of the path of the teeth 4 which may now be advanced into engagement with the drum teeth 2 so as to lock the drum positively. Specifications 402,794 and 405,960 also are referred to.

Improvements in or relating to variable speed gearing
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GB19320013034 19320505
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405664 (A)
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May 5, 1932
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February 5, 1934
Andrew Gordon Wilson
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