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368,111. Making compound pipes and hollow-ware. KRAUSS, R., 24, Borsigstrasse, Breslau, Germany. April 11, 1931, No. 10691. [Classes 83 (ii) and 83 (iv).] Stamping.-Pipes or tanks are made from tubes, comprising rolled plate welded along the seam, by expanding one by fluid pressure into another of greater diameter and smaller length. A tube 3 is held between members 1, 2 which may form part of a testing machine, and fluid pressure is introduced at 6 to expand the tube into an outer one 4, the end portion 7, Fig. 2, being subsequently removed. A series of tubes may be expanded into the interior of a composite tube so formed. The seams of the tubes 3, 4 are preferably on opposite sides, and the diameter of the tube 3 is initially 20 per cent less than that of the tube 4.; Tanks are formed in a similar manner by securing an endplate either to the final tube or to each tube before the operation, covers being afterwards provided.

Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of pipes and tanks
Application Number
GB19310010691 19310411
Publication Number
368111 (A)
Application Date
April 11, 1931
Publication Date
March 3, 1932
Richard Krauss
B21C 37/15
B21C 37/15
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