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367,547. Anchoring bolts. PHILLIPS, N., Karachi, Upton Road, Bexleyheath, Kent. Feb. 9, 1931, No. 3988. [Class 89 (i).] Bolts are secured by a relatively soft member 4 which is placed on the bolt head and expanded so as to bite into the walls of the hole by means of a harder member 7, such as a tapered cast-iron ring, driven in by using a piece of gas pipe 8. Several pairs of hard and soft members may be used.

Improvements in expansion sockets for bolts for building and engineering purposes
Application Number
GB19310003988 19310209
Publication Number
367547 (A)
Application Date
February 9, 1931
Publication Date
February 25, 1932
Noel Phillips
F16B 13/06
F16B 13/04
F16B 13/08
F16B 13/06
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