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363,097. Glazing structures ; shelters for plants. MARETT, P. J., 4, Claremont Terrace, St. Helier, Jersey. Nov. 19, 1930, No. 34788. [Classes 20 (i) and 20 (iii).] Relates to a means for securing glass, talc, or the like to the wire or wire netting employed for protecting growing crops and for poultry houses and like shelters. According to the invention, the corners of overlapping panes d, Fig. 1, of glass or the like are pierced at e to receive bifurcated pins f, Fig. 3, the shanks h of which are clinched and their ends intertwined in the wire or wire netting a. The head of each pin may be covered with a layer of rubber k or like material, and rubber washers are interposed on the shanks between their turned-over ends and the surfaces of the sheets d. The wire is secured to supporting posts b by staples.; In glazing the roofs of greenhouses and the like, the uppermost panes d, (d, Fig. 4, are secured together by bifurcated pins n, the legs of which are passed one on either, side of the ridge beam m. The ends of the legs are intertwined in the netting a which is secured by staples to the ridge beam. The exposed portions of the pins n are encased in a tube o of rubber or the like. In the roof of a temporary structure, the ridge beam may be dispensed with.

A method of and means for the use of glass or other transparent substance, in horticulture, agriculture and farming
Application Number
GB19300034788 19301119
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363097 (A)
Application Date
November 19, 1930
Publication Date
December 17, 1931
Philip Janvrin Marett
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A01G 13/04
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