350,028. Aeroplane air brakes. GRAY, W. E., 8A, Bank Parade, Edgware, Middlesex. March 6, 1930, No. 15174/31. Divided on 350,475. [Class 4.] A parachute air brake for reducing the landing run of an aeroplane is arranged to be automatically released on contact of the machine with the ground. A parachute 1 is housed in the wing in a container normally closed by a spring- loaded shutter 2. The shutter is held in its closed position by engagement of a tongue 4 by two pins sliding in a bracket 6. One pin is released by the pilot before landing if he desires to employ the brake and the second pin is withdrawn by a cable 11 which is tensioned by movement of the tail-skid or wheels on contact with the ground.; Parachute I may be withdrawn by a pilot parachute which may be separately housed and be connected to the main parachute by a cable passing through a slot in tongue 4 and provided with a nipple engaging under the slot in such a manner as to free the cable only when the tongue moves forwardly with the shutter on release of the sliding pins. According to the Provisional Specification elastic cord may be used in the rigging lines or parachute to serve as a shock absorber. Specification 289,109, [Class 4, Aeronautics], is referred to.

Air brakes for aeroplanes
Application Number
GB19310015174 19300306
Publication Number
350028 (A)
Application Date
March 6, 1930
Publication Date
June 8, 1931
William Edrington Gray
B64C 09/00
B64C 09/32
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