338,514. Gray, W. E. Aug. 19, 1929. Land wheels. - An aeroplane undercarriage comprises two sets of wheels, one set mounted in front of the centre of gravity and the other mounted for fore and aft adjustment to positions on either side thereof, the arrangement being such that with the rear set in the forward, taking off, position the machine is supported bv the rear set and by a steerable tail wheel or skid, and with the rear set in its aft, landing, position the machine tips over onto the front set of wheels. The rear wheel assembly, Figs. 1 and 3, is slidably mounted on tubes or longerons 4 and may be moved longitudinally by a winch and cable system 5, 6 under control of the pilot; alternatively power means may be used for making the adjustment.; Spring-depressed locking pins carried by sleeves 2, 3 of the wheel assembly normally engage in holes in the tubes 4 and may be withdrawn by the pilot by means of Bowden cable mechanism. Either or both sets of wheels may be steerable and be fitted with brakes. Where both sets of wheels each comprise one wheel only outboard wheels or skids may be provided. Specification 289,109 is referred to.

Undercarriage for aeroplanes
Application Number
GB19290025195 19290819
Publication Number
338514 (A)
Application Date
August 19, 1929
Publication Date
November 19, 1930
William Edrington Gray
B64C 25/00
B64C 25/00
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