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313,716. Paterson, K. A. H., Paterson, J. S., and Paterson, R. D., (trad. ing as Paterson, A. & W.). May 4, 1928. Drawings to Specification. Soles.-A rubber sole has studs or bars of the same material moulded thereon. The sole is especially suitable for football boots. Reference has been directed by the Comptroller to Specifications 12419/91. 5071/98, 14015/11, 131,425, 179,747, and 187,513.

Improvements in and connected with the soles of boots and shoes
Application Number
GB19280013106 19280504
Publication Number
313716 (A)
Application Date
May 4, 1928
Publication Date
June 20, 1929
Robert Duff Paterson
Kenneth Andrew Henderson Pater
A43B 05/00
A43B 05/02
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