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297,160. Hofmann, J. W. June 23, 1927. Drawings to Specification. Clamps for cables.-The parts of a clamp for suspending or straining electric cables which are in contact with the conductor are made of the same metal as the conductor, while the other parts are made of iron or steel. Corrosion between the clamp and the conductor due to electrolytic action is prevented, while the use of iron or steel enables the weight of the clamp to be reduced. Instead of using the same metal as the conductor, a metal near to it in the series of potential differences may be used. Specification 297,159 is referred to.

Improvements in or relating to suspension and straining clamps for electric conductors
Application Number
GB19270016698 19270623
Publication Number
297160 (A)
Application Date
June 23, 1927
Publication Date
September 20, 1928
Johannes Wilhelm Hofmann
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H02G 07/05
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