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291,680. Power, R. F. Nov. 21, 1927. Paper fasteners.-A paper fastener of bifurcated type has the prongs 2 spaced apart so that when passed through a perforation or perforations in the papers A to be secured and clinched over, the papers are clamped at two separate spaced areas between the prongs and the flat head 1 which extends wholly beneath the clinched prongs as in Fig. 2. Fig. 7 shows a modification made from a single blank and forming a pair of bifurcated fasteners 2, 2a spaced apart and integral with the flat head 1. Modifications are described in which the prongs are stamped out from a flat blank constituting the head of the fastener. The ends of the head may be slightly bent upwards to facilitate gripping in removing papers from the fastener.

Improvements in or relating to paper clips, or fasteners
Application Number
GB19270031217 19271121
Publication Number
291680 (A)
Application Date
November 21, 1927
Publication Date
June 7, 1928
Richard Fitz Power
B42F 03/00
B42F 03/00
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