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281,906. Martin, E. C., Pulsford, F. C., and Ashwell &. Nesbit, Ltd. Feb. 28, 1927. Fixed-abutment type.-A semi-rotary pump having flap valves f, f in the oscillating vane d is provided with a readily removable inlet valve box g of segmental form which is fitted with mushroom type inlet valves h, h. The inlet valves h, h and their seatings are preferably of spherical form and the valve stems i are guided in arms k secured to the valve box. The valve box is located by a pin l in the casing and is provided with felt packing m where the partition contacts with the vane spindle.

Improvements in semi-rotary pumps
Application Number
GB19270005606 19270228
Publication Number
281906 (A)
Application Date
February 28, 1927
Publication Date
December 15, 1927
Ashwell And Nesbit
Frederick Charles Pulsford
Edwin Charles Martin
F04C 09/00
F04C 09/00
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