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277,975. Germain, F., (Assignee of Dolter, H.). Sept. 22, 1926, [Convention date]. Retorts.-The Specification as open to inspection under Sect. 91 (3) (a) describes an apparatus for use in destructive distillation which consists of a rotary drum 1 lined with ceramic plates 2 and containing balls 3 which may be of metal, silica, or ceramic material and is charged through an opening normally closed by a lid 14. Gas, heated by passing through tubes 6 in a heating-chamber 7, is supplied by a pipe 5 through a tubular journal 4, and the gaseous products pass out through the other journal 4 to a cooling-pipe 9, the liquid product collecting in a receiver 10 while the gas passes through a pipe 12 and pump 13 to the heating tubes 6 for use again. When the process is finished, the lid 14 is replaced by a grating which allows residue to escape while retaining the balls.; This subject-matter does not appear in the Specification as accepted.

Process for the production of butyrone
Application Number
GB19270024882 19270921
Publication Number
277975 (A)
Application Date
September 21, 1927
Publication Date
January 21, 1929
Fernand Germain
C07C 45/00
C07C 45/54
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