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273,473. Osborne, F. W. June 17, 1926. Battery lamps, - An illuminating instrument for dental, surgical, and like purposes comprising a casing 10, of triangular section, containing a lamp 17 connected with a dry battery 12. A solid rock 26 of glass, quartz or the like, in contact with the lamp 17 and projecting from the casing conducts the light to the part to be illuminated. The battery 12 is contained in, and spaced by insulating material 14 from, the closed end of a sleeve 11 fitting into the casing 10. A screw 22 adapted to press into contact springs 21, 23 on the sleeve 11 and the battery 12 respectively acts as a switch. The lamp 17 contacts with a spring 18 on the battery and is carried by a partition 16 in a split sleeve 15 with the sleeve 11. The rod 26 is held in a gland 25 by a rubber washer 27 and a screw 28.; In a modification a cylindrical casing containing a sleeve holding the lamp has inserted into it at one end a detachable gland carrying the rod 26 and is provided at the other end with a detachable cap carrying a switch screw such as 22. The battery is enclosed in an inner insulating sleeve and is held in contact with the lamp by an electrically conducting spring connected, through a plate, with the switch-screw.

Improvements in surgical examination lamps
Application Number
GB19260015232 19260617
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273473 (A)
Application Date
June 17, 1926
Publication Date
July 7, 1927
Francis Wallace Osborne
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